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I retired from the faculty of the Yale School of Medicine in 2004, but have been an active artist since the mid-1980s. I focused on figurative drawing and painting until 2010 when I moved to abstraction. The transition was primarily to explore “duende,” a concept inherent to flamenco. It is the Dionysian force rising in a singer, instrumentalist or dancer to inspire blazing performance and embodies creativity and physical artistry ranging from subtle to flamboyant and from tragic to joyous, always with fiery intensity. I see duende as a universal human trait which influences all the arts. Its origins in the psyche, make abstract painting a rewarding means for exploration. Many of the paintings selected for this site illustrate my reverence for duende.

In a broader sense, I value playing freely with color and marks, guided by spontaneous dialogues that develop between internal priorities and emerging compositions. This process tends to triage my paintings into four stylistic themes ranging from minimalistic to highly animated and are grouped accordingly on this site. I admit to being concerned more about authenticity than “voice.” Nevertheless, all my work attempts to honor Cezanne’s advice to express oneself forcefully.


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